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COMPSs Programming Framework

COMPSs is a framework, composed of a programming model and a runtime system, which aims to ease the development and deployment of distributed applications and web services. The core of the framework is its programming model, which allows the programmer to write applications in a sequential way and execute them on top of heterogeneous infrastructures […]



EGI Conference 2015

18 May 2015 – EU-Brazil Cloud Connect Workshop Presenting @EUBrazilCC programming frameworks & interoperability                   19 May 2015 – Lightning talk: LOFAR – Calibration, Analysis and Modelling of Radio-Astronomy Data

Seminar: Programming Distributed Computing Platforms with COMPSs

Reasoning: Distributed computing platforms like clusters, grids and clouds pose a challenge on application developers due to different issues such as distributed storage systems, complex middleware, geographic distributions Outline: COMPSs is a programming model which is able to exploit the inherent concurrency of sequential applications and execute them in a transparent manner to the application developer in distributed computing platform. This […]

EGI Community Forum, May 2014 – Helsinki

Demo of @BSC_CNS COMPSs on EGI Federated Cloud #EGICF14 — Daniele Lezzi (@lezzidan) May 21, 2014 During the networking session, organised a demonstration to show the most interesting EGI Federated Cloud use cases. To increase the interest of the visitors we decided to adopt a new format for this demo session, without formal […]



Execution of scientific workflows on federated multi-cloud infrastructures

In this paper we present the enhancements to the COMP Superscalar programming framework (COMPSs) to make it interoperable with the EGI Federated Cloud testbed in order to optimize the exe- cution of the related use cases. Presented at: The first international FedICI’2013 workshop: Federative and interoperable cloud infrastructures, August 26 2013, Aachen, Germany, organized in conjunction with Euro-par 2013 IBERGRID […]