Current research projects

  • EUBrazil Cloud Connect is a project funded under the second Eu-Brazil coordinated call under the topic a) Cloud computing for Science. Its aim is to create an intercontinental federated eInfrastructure for scientific usage. This e-Infrastructure will join resources from different frameworks, like private clouds, supercomputing and opportunistic desktop resources to offer the community high level scientific gateways and programming models. The project started in October 2013 and will end in January 2016. BSC leads the activities on the provisioning of the programming framework on top of the federated cloud infrastructure.

Past research projects

  • OpenBioEUBrazilOpenBio – Open Data and Cloud Computing e-Infrastructure for Biodiversity (2011-2013) funded under the Objective FP7-ICT-2011-EU-Brazil Research and Development cooperation deploys an e-Infrastructure of open access resources supporting the needs of the biodiversity scientific community.
  • VENUS-C is a project funded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme drawing its strength from a joint co-operation between computing service providers and scientific user communities to develop, test and deploy a large, Cloud computing infrastructure for science and SMEs in Europe.
  • SIENA, the Standards and Interoperability for eInfrastructure Implementation Initiative (2010-2012), is a Support Action (CSA-SA of the INFRA-2010-3.3: Coordination Actions, conferences and studies supporting policy development, including international cooperation for e-Infrastructures).SIENA will contribute to defining a future eInfrastructures roadmap focusing on interoperability and standards, in close collaboration with the European Commission, Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI) projects and Standard Development Organisations (SDOs) to gain an in-depth understanding of how distributed computing technology is being developed in this context. The roadmap will define scenarios, identify trends, investigate the innovation and impact sparked by cloud and grid computing, and deliver insight into how standards and the policy framework is defining and shaping current and future development and deployment in Europe and globally.
  • ScalaLifeThe ScalaLife project intends to build a cross-disciplinary Competence Centre for life science software that should evolve to a “one-stop-shop” for users and developers of Life Science software alike.
  • IS-ENESInfraStructure for the European Network for the Earth System Modelling (IS-ENES) is an FP7-Project, funded by the European Commission under the Capacities Programme, Integrating Activities. IS-ENES has started on March 2009 and will finish on February 2013. IS-ENES is the infrastructure project of the European Network for Earth System Modelling (ENES).
  • OGF-Europe, Mobilising & Integrating Communities on Grids, Standards & Best Practices across Europe. Funded by the EC, OGF-Europe came at a crucial time in IT development where the use of distributed computing was transforming the IT landscape in the shift towards an increasingly global, knowledge-based economy. OGF-Europe interacted with diverse organisations across a wide range of verticals & domains to help create awareness of distributed computing & the major benefits it delivers. OGF-Europe aimed to play a key role in influencing the drive towards global standardisation efforts and in bringing best practices back into the EU computing environment.
  • GridLabThe GridLab project has been one of the biggest European research undertakings in the development of application tools and middleware for Grid environments. GridLab produces a set of application-oriented Grid services and toolkits providing capabilities such as dynamic resource brokering, monitoring, data management, security, information, adaptive services and more.